May 5th, 2013 Interview
Kathleen and Philip interviewd by Ken Rosato on New Jersey Viewpoint on WABC.



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May 6, 2013 Interview
940 WCIT Radio with Ron Williams, guest host Andy Hefner





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Listen to Kathleen and Philip talk about her story Woman in Hiding and her hope for victims of sexual assault to find their courage on Jeanne White's Social Connections.
Archive air date:  4/21/13  Phil and Kathleen Foley, Women in Hiding



In the News
The Star-Ledger
Sunday, April 07, 2013
By Kathleen Hoy Foley

Opinion:  Don't call me 'mother': Stop maternalizing sexual trauma

Most of us judge by what we hear, not by what we know. I thought the elderly woman who sued McDonald’s years ago over the hot coffee she spilled on her lap was just looking to make some quick cash. Recently, I saw pictures of her burns. The scalding coffee broiled her skin and ate away vast portions of the flesh on her thighs and buttocks. What was left was char.

I was horrified; that I’d participated in the outrage against her compounds my horror. A catastrophically wounded 81-year-old was mocked and vilified, boiled in public oil. I am sickened by my mob-mentality involvement. My only defense is that I didn’t understand.

Being impregnated by rape is a catastrophic injury. New Jersey legislators must understand this reality as they continue the debate over unsealing closed adoption records.

Adoption equals crisis pregnancy,...

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Woman in Hiding:  A True Tale of Backdoor Abuse,
Dark Secrets & Other Evil Deeds

Released 2011


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October 1, 2012


On October 1, 2012, Women In Hiding Press sent copies of Woman In Hiding, A True Tale of Backdoor Abuse, Dark Secrets and Other Evil Deeds to every teacher at Hamilton High School West, Hamilton NJ, in a continuing effort to raise awareness of the covert abuse, bullying and sexual assault's some of their students may be experiencing. 

Along with the book each teacher received the following personal note from the author.


Dear Teacher,


In the 1960s I was Kathy Allen entering Hamilton High School West for the first time—Class of '65!  And I had a badge to prove it.  I was excited, giddy and cute as a button.  How could I have foreseen that in less than in two years I would be completely destroyed?


The rapist was a student, a senior, and it didn't take long for him to notice me in the halls of my beloved high school.  I did not know or understand what was happening to me.  But I was in dire trouble and in desperate need of rescue.  Not one person—staff included—reached out in compassion.  Instead, along with the sexual violence I was enduring, I was brutalized by gossip and ridicule.  I left Hamilton High School impregnated by rape, crippled with shame, and suicidal.           

Never could I have imagined that in my elder years I'd be forced to relive the nightmare buried back there.  But I was.  And I am.  Part of claiming myself and managing the lifelong emotional injuries resulting from that catastrophic trauma is acting on behalf of my own restitution by asserting the truth.  I return to the darkest places carrying light.  My light is my book.


By providing you with a copy of Woman In Hiding, A True Tale of Backdoor Abuse, Dark Secrets and Other Evil Deeds I return to Hamilton High School West to dignify and give voice to the pieces of me shattered there and left to decay in its dark corners. 


I ask you, as a representative of Hamilton High School West, to extend the compassion denied me then by reading my book now.  Community acts of support and understanding are vital to the transformation of a personal catastrophe into genuine possibilities of strength and wholeness for anyone whose life is impacted by sexual violence.    


For me, it would mean re-walking my past in the halls of Hamilton High School West—such a terrifying place—surrounded now by the light of truth and the emotional safety provided by the power of a community choosing courage, bearing witness, and taking necessary action to help amend the living damage of old wounds.


Most Sincerely,


Kathleen Hoy Foley



If you know of any educator you believe would benefit from reading this book, please provide us with their contact information.



September 15, 2011, Princeton, NJ:  

Phil Foley presented Gloria Steinem with a copy of Woman In Hiding: A True Tale of Backdoor Abuse, Dark Secrets & Other Evil Deeds























An Interview with the Author
Read a compelling interview with Kathleen Hoy Foley about Woman in Hiding
and why she feels this is a must read. (PDF)



A Letter from Senator Scott P. Brown
Please read a letter from Senator Scott P. Brown, (Massachusetts, R) about our cause here.



An Excerpt Read by NJ Assemblywoman Quigley
On Monday, March 14, 2011 NJ Assemblywoman Quigley addressed the Democratic
caucus on Adoptee Rights Legislation and called for every legislator
to read "Woman In Hiding, A True Tale of Backdoor Abuse, Dark Secrets
and Other Evil Deeds".

Assemblywoman Joan Quigley, while holding her copy of "Woman In
Hiding"..., read an excerpt, making a dramatic plea for compassion for
women who suffered catastrophic pregnancies and were rescued by the
confidential adoption process.

Kathleen is the only public voice and face for women in New Jersey
demanding that confidential adoption records remain court-sealed.



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